Les-Tilleuls.coop France

Les-Tilleuls.coop is a Lille-based company with high-level expertise in Symfony and AngularJS applied to e-commerce and innovative web applications. Our consulting team successfully guides your company in: training, technological choices, software architecture, technical management, urbanization, industrialization, and quality, performance and security audits. Our development team can build your e-commerce platforms, web and mobile applications always following industry best practices. The open source spirit has even infiltrated the way the company does business internally. Scop Les-Tilleuls.coop employees are also associates and democratic decision-makers (1 employee = 1 vote). All profits are equally distributed amongst us. Some of our customers: Alice’s Garden, Citiz, Fred et Farid, SensioLabs, Pictime, Exaqtworld and Geophyle.

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