Zol France

ZOL is an agile Lyon-based digital agency, totally obsessed with the success of their clients' projects and composed of a merry band of experts! Their thing is the custom-made, just like haute couture but the digital version: whether it's about technique, methodology, team configuration, graphic approach or user experience... Custom-made also means that they know how to adapt to each project - not only technically. Specializing in the design and development of high value-added, tailor-made web and mobile solutions, their approach is ultra-pragmatic and completely different!

In other words, at ZOL, you are free... Free of your budget, big or small, free of your time, free of your ideas and you are also free to want to keep it simple, even when it's complicated! Whatever your project is, ZOL identifies the business challenges, sets up the most appropriate project team before designing and developing your solution in an iterative way and integrating users throughout the process. Product owners, UX consultants, UI designer, Data consultants, back-end or front-end developers, devops or architect... ZOL is the digital A-team!

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